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Ecological area

The area features a stone wall made of local stones. The wall, built in a checkerwork style learned from masonry skills preserved by local aborigines from generation to generation, is intended to be a place for ferns to grow and climb. The whole area can thus become an environment friendly to birds, insects and other wildlife. Egrets, fireflies, Taiwan Barbets and hummingbirds can be seen there.

There are quite a few old trees in the area. Some of these old trees are even under protection by the county government. They have been issued with identification proofs. A century-old tree symbolizes an everlasting marriage. Marriage ceremonies held under a tree of the kind will help brides and grooms get the best blessing. There are also tree houses, a recreational section and wooden footpaths in the area. The original landscape is kept as it was. Come and experience the color change of the forest during different seasons.

The energy footpath, lined with Yellow Areca Palms that produce more oxygen than any other tree in the area, and rosemary and mints, stretches along a stream. It will let you breathe in a large amount of oxygen. Your mind will be purified as well.

Next to it is Yinsherb Energy Stone, which was discovered during the excavation of the foundation of the resort in 1987. The stone, taller than an adult, is so wide that it needs three men to stretch out arms to hold it. It is like a living organism, constantly changing its color. It looks different each year. It is the guardian of this treasure land, also the most valuable part of the resort.