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Gaea Spa integrates the essence of nature and the spirituality of man. It applies natural essential oils and therapies for the mind to restore the balance between the body and the soul. The focus is on repairing the body and relieving the stress. Wonderful hand massage will let the skin feel relaxed and loved. There are custom-made therapies and tour packages depending on the needs of guests.


The spa is on the 5th floor of the main building. Please go to the reception section first. Aroma therapists there will give you some advice on treatments in accordance with your personal preferences and physical conditions. Besides recommending most suitable treatments for you, they will also concoct essential oils for you. There are 4 treatment rooms, including two single rooms and two double room. There are also aroma therapy spaces with freshly-picked herbs, aquatic therapy rooms, rest rooms and changing rooms. Aquatic rooms have aroma therapy spaces as well. Steaming rooms and saunas can be used by 4 to 5 people at the same time. 

In the process of herbal therapy, organic herbs are used to ensure that herb molecules absorbed by the human body are the most healthy ones. That’s why we select SGS-certified organic herbs and essential oils. The aim is to give the purest herb molecules to you.