Gaeavilla Resort




Located at an organic village in the foothills of the Central Mountains. 20,000 square meters of non-toxic and pure natural ecology land surrounded by flagrance from varieties of herbs. The green building that respects the environment and the highly private space allows the body and mind to rest in the mountains, the sea, the heaven and the earth to exile oneself leisurely, deep into the dialogue with everything, immersed in the inner peace and tranquility. The new benchmark of luxurious vacation style will make you to intoxicate it, which can start your unique exclusive experience.

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Special Catering

It's food ingredients are provided by small local organic farms on a daily basis. The chef, whose original intention is to promote food therapy, prepares healthy diets according to the 24 solar terms of the traditional Chinese calendar. The diets incorporate the characteristics of herbal recipes. There are always new items on the menu with the change of seasons, bringing new dining experiences to patrons.

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Special Catering

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