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Herb Maze

Millennium Gaea Resort owns the world’s only herbal energy maze. It is a circular maze made up of four smaller semi-circular mazes. It is planted with lavender, Mt. Lemmon Marigold and rosemary so as to gather the molecular energy of different herbs in one place. The design of the maze was the brainchild of our group chairman, who got the idea after visiting well-known maze experts and herb specialists. It was based on research on the connection between herbs and healthy energy. The maze was designed according to the characteristics of herbal aroma therapy. Herbal energy incorporates energy of the elements, becoming healthy energy capable of sending out molecules good for health. The unique design of the herb maze is now protected by copyright. A slow walk in it for 20 minutes, coupled with breathing in herbal aroma-filled air and touching herbs. Through your nose and pores, you can absorb essence and phytoncid released from various herbal essential oil spores in the maze. Your mind and body can become fully energetic.

There are two pavilions that can serve as a place for a wedding ceremony to take place under the witness of somebody. They include Rose Pavilion and Cherry Blossom Pavilion. Rose Pavilion is surrounded by climbing roses, creating a romantic estate-like atmosphere. Cherry Blossom Pavilion has cherries lined along a path leading to it. The expansive herb garden and meadow are very suitable for outdoor wedding receptions, family gatherings or other kinds of activities.